2010 – The Year of Earned Media Through Engagement

by Admin on January 11, 2010

Forrester Research recently published a post about defining Paid, Owned and Earned Media and helping to categorize the types of media communicators utilize today. 

forresterresearch.gifPaid Media is the old school traditional advertising / sponsorship model for print, broadcast, radio or online.  This model of media is still driving most marketing budgets & programs today.

Owned Media is content and material created and produced by a Company or organization where they drive and control the messaging and distribution channels – be it videos, ebooks, case studies, customer testimonials, podcasts to be promoted through blogs, website, newsletter or branded social networks.

Earned Media used to be recognized as that third bucket dominated by traditional public relations & perhaps analyst relations programs.   The past few years it has expanded to encompass User Generated Content, Word of Mouth and the ever-misunderstood Viral Marketing Programs

So, this begs the question of where do you focus on producing content that puts the heart, interests and needs of your customer first and you earn you way in?

2010 may be the year of earned media and customer attention where reviews, mentions of your brand with linkbacks and online conversations drive greater SEO and more cost effective sales, channels leads and drives cross-company collaboration.  But there is much more that can be added to Paid and Owned media to greatly expand the value of the committed marketing and communications funds and channel building to spur an ever dramatic increase in Earned Media.    We’re seeing it more and more often – major ad buys are showcasing where to find them online.  Better yet, we’re seeing ad buys pointing customer attention to where they can join the conversation with them – be it a website, Facebook or Twitter.

Owned media is rapidly moving beyond the static brochure-ware on the web.  Instead it is being viewed and created as a catalyst and fuel for conversation and yes, ultimately – Engagement.  Here in lies the greatest untapped communications, sales and business growth opportunities.   Content has always been King but it’s important to remember that it became King for it fueled what was essentially more important – Engagement.

So as we move into 2010 find more ways to not only increase your earned media content but to also instill an active listening, monitoring, content producing, community building and sharing strategy that supports the needs of your marketing, industry and customers.  Execute this strategy properly and you will instill excitement, interest, and conversations.  That level of engagement when executed upon effectively will not only help grow your business but accelerate your earned media effectiveness 10 fold – within the next year.

What’s your take on Paid, Owned and Earned Media?  Do you agree that 2010 will be the year of earned media through engagement?

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