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by Admin on June 17, 2009

It was this time last year that I starting working with Bryan Person to organize Boston’s Social Media Breakfast gatherings as he prepared for his new life in Austin, Tx.   It’s been an interesting, wondrous ride and real pleasure & education to connect with so many amazing people in the New England area who’ve come out to support, sponsor, speak and attend our little morning meet-ups. 

I have another post in mind about being present, picking up the ball & becoming involved when you see something special you want to help shape and contribute to – but that’s for another time.    

Today – I recognized the full circle aspect of our next Social Media Breakfast – for it was at Communispace during their Groundswell book signing party with Josh Bernoff that I first met Bryan and discussed where to take the breakfast gatherings moving forward.   

And here we are now – one year later and we are hosting the 14th Social Media Breakfast #SMB14 at Communinspace office in Watertown, Ma with as many people planning on attending as that great book signing event.   I look back at the photos of that event one year ago – many of the people I didn’t recognize or know then and yet now call friends – colleagues and supporters of the breakfast and follow educators of Social Media movement.  

So thanks Bryan Person and Diane Hessan, CEO of Communispace for giving to your communities and helping foster connections like the amazing friendships and associations I’ve developed over the past year possible.  I only hope that some of the breakfast gathering I’ve helped organized have created similar networking opportunities for professional and personal connections. 

And for those of your interested in this weeks breakfast – here are the details &  the Eventbrite Invite for SMB14

Social Social Media Overload – Making Sense of it All

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John Cass June 18, 2009 at 3:57 am

Hi Bob, Good luck with the social media breakfast tomorrow, sounds like it will be a great event, I regret I cannot be there.

Michael June 26, 2009 at 11:00 pm

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