Digital and Community Building Services

Extending Content to Entice and Engage

Some companies still tend to view marketing as a department – driving campaign after campaign to support sales. That’s fine, but over time most companies accumulate a plethora of case studies, customer testimonials, market studies, invaluable customer insight and information that ultimately gets forgotten and gathers dust behind the walls of an Intranet.

I offer a service that reviews and helps unlock and repurpose good content and campaigns to make the information more readily findable, engaging and interactive. I don’t just post the Information onto Social Networks – I can build community sites leveraging relevant existing information and ideas to engage customers, partners and other stakeholders.

Event Promotions Through Social Networks

I provide coordination and promotional support for major events: book, movie, product launches or social functions.  I can help coordinate, promote and socialize any major event or community building gathering.

Facebook, iPhone Application Development

I can manage the strategic development of a Facebook or iPhone application to help extend your brand – or reach a new platform to share your new product or service.


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