Digital Video Productions

Video is one of the fastest-growing media used to build a brand and community to grow a business.  It’s hard to fake being genuine and transparent when trying to connect through a visual medium.  People can see through scripted, over-produced, and controlled messaging.  They want to be engaged through raw, honest, passionate and creatively captured-and-shared moments on issues that they connect with. It’s important to remember, first and foremost, that consumers and communities are not demographics, markets or influence groups – they’re people.  They’re individuals.  And their opinions matter.

From interviewing clients customers & partners, taping keynote presentations to capturing open, hallway conversations. I can will help you create rich, authentic content available for clients to build, reach and expand their community.

I can do the following:

  • Conduct executive interviews with clients, customers & partners

  • Tape keynote presentations & capture open conversations

  • Develop videos for blogs & Web sites, elevator pitches, product demos

  • Develop digital case studies, video testimonials, “man on the street” spots

  • Produce how-to videos and social video news releases

  • Develop original video programming series

  • Capture photos of executives networking with industry leaders at events

  • EyeView increases online conversion through rich-media and videos.

  • EyeView’s service and technology offer a complete solution, from content creation through serving, testing and optimizing of the media.  The result is a quantifiable increase of online conversion rates.

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