Social Gaming and the Evolution of Business

by Admin on October 3, 2011

More than ever we are seeing the term “Media” becoming disassociated with the “Social” online movement of today – and that’s a good thing.  Social is not a marketing media channel as it has been overly referenced.  The real power of Social is its ability to build worlds of engaged communities on a scaleable basis.

One of the most vibrant examples of Social today is within the rapidly expanding Social Gaming industry.   It has become the one of the fastest growing market sectors and expected to increase fivefold to $5 billion between now and 2015.

Our next Social Media Breakfast will feature presentations by some of the most advanced thinkers and executives in Social Gaming – bringing a fresh variety of first hand experiences, insights and stories to share. From social gaming platform developers to online social game communities – our group of speakers will share a full spectrum of perspectives on the state of the movement.

SMB23: Social Gaming – The Evolution of Business

Boston‘s Social Media Breakfast is organized by Bob Collins and brings together business leaders, marketers and entrepreneurs for a morning of networking and sharing of ideas and innovation.

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